“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Eccles. 3:11

                                 Beloved in Christ, I greet you in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ! A few days back I was returning by flight after completing a ministry. I was waiting for my baggage at the conveyor belt of an airport. At that time I received a phone call from a sister and I was praying for her over phone. Then I noticed my baggage on the belt but could not take it as I was praying for her. I expected my baggage to come on in the next round. But it didn’t as someone else had taken it. But I waited for more than 45 minutes and then I approached the officials. They brought another bag of similar make which resembled mine. With the tag, they identified the person who had mistook mine for his. They contacted the person over phone and asked him to bring it back. It took another hour. So my plan to visit two families that day was completely disturbed. I could not carry out my plan and I was worried. The next day also I had tight programme. So I had to get up early to make those visits.