“The LORD will perfect that which concerns me. . . .” Psalm 138:8

Dearly beloved in Christ, 

                  I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Once one servant of God was invited to do ministry by a prayer fellowship in a country. In this group there were many bachelors. They were worried as to how to take care of the servant of God. They did not know what type of food he was to be given. But the first thing that minister told them on his arrival was that they need not be bothered about the food for him as he was on fast all the fourteen days of ministry there. They were surprised. Many get dejected when facing problems in life. They get discouraged as they find things beyond their reach. They find themselves incapable of reaching a target and become depressed. Beloved in Christ, you may be worried about the expense you may incur this Christmas season. You may be disturbed about lack of funds. Do not be dismayed. You may be like Mary who was worried as to who would roll over the stone at the entrance of the tomb. But the Lord Jesus Christ has done everything for us. He will not forsake you. So seek him with whole heart. Let us plead in His presence. Let us learn to do things with a cheerful heart. He will guide us in all situations and bless us. He will not forsake you. Let us inherit His loving blessings. 

                      May the Lord bless you!

                       Bro. C. Ebenezer Paul