“I would know the words which He would answer me,
and understand what He would say to me.” 
                                                          Job 23:5

Dearly beloved in Christ,

My New Year Greetings to you in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Once a sister came to me for prayer. She wanted me to pray for her and also for the good life of children. Her husband had occupied high office in the government, got retired and then passed away. I enquired about his death. He was very helpful in our ministry in that area. The smoking habit that he had in his youth had spoilt his lungs. Then she shared what the Lord had done in their lives.
After their marriage, she wanted him to give up smoking. So she told him lovingly not to smoke. Her husband then replied that he would give up smoking that day itself if the preacher in his message would say that smoking was not good. That day the special preacher who delivered the message clearly stated that smoking was not good. So he stopped smoking that day itself. So his life got extended by His grace. 
Dear child of God, when we listen to what God says and realize our mistakes and make a turn in our lives, the Lord makes a healthy life to bloom. Maybe, you are struggling that you are not able to give up your bad habits. The Spirit of the Lord will help you. My dear younger brother, if you are playing with your mobile phone all the time, today decide to give up this habit. This will bring only failure in your life. It will spoil your eye-sight. What you keep seeing will cling to your heart and soul. Whatever maybe your evil habit, decide today to give it up. The Lord will help you to give up the habit of drinking, pornography, or anything where you need deliverance. By His grace, you can give it up.
May the Lord bless you!
Bro. C. Ebenezer Paul.