“The LORD is your keeper ...”  Psalm 121:5
Dearly beloved in Christ,
I greet you in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Once a minister of the Lord known to me brought another minister whom he knew. That minister was a teacher of the glory and honour of the Bible in various countries. His wife belonged to another nation. As they came at about 10:30 at night I served them tea before prayer. As he saw me, he did not want to pray but wanted to leave. He insisted on leaving. But I asked them to have tea and told them that I wanted to pray for him alone. At prayer time, I asked him to take out the suicidal note from his pocket. He was astonished. He told me the reason why he wanted to end his life. His wife had left him taking his daughter with her for her country. As I revealed his secret intention, he tore that suicidal note.
The Lord who loves us intervenes when we take wrong decision in the midst of problems and tribulations. He wants that we should live for Him. Dear Brother / Sister, do not take wrong decisions in the midst of difficulties, sorrows, loss, defeats and distress. Keep the Lord Jesus Christ before you. He loves you. He will protect you as the apple of the eye. He will not forsake you, but lead you. Your life will be blessed more than it has ever been. Your good life will bloom.
May the Lord bless you!
Bro. C. Ebenezer Paul.