“And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!.’” Luke 15:9

Beloved in Christ,
                                                 Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Some days back we went to Singapore to do ministry in that region. Usually we stayed with a\ good family to minister there. But at that time we could not stay with them because of certain circumstances. So he made arrangements for our stay in a hotel. After completing the ministry there happily, we left that hotel and came back to India. I found that I had lost my mobile phone. Before leaving the room of the hotel, I made it sure that nothing of our items were left there. As soon as we realized that it should have been left in the hotel, we informed the hotel about the phone. They searched the room twice and finally told us that it was not found there. I thought that I had missed the phone, which was given to me for the ministry, out of my neglect. I prayed to the Lord to forgive me for my mistake. Then I left the matter. But the good news arrived. The Lord worked a wonder. The hotel owners informed the people known to us that the phone was retrieved and so we could get it from them. We were also informed about it. It was like the lost coin. Those who came to that room after we had moved out belonged to another nation and they found it under the Bible. They gave it to the hotel owners. Thus the Lord graciously enabled us to get the phone back. If you have lost something precious in your life, the Lord will give it back to you. He will help you to trace that which belongs to you and to get it back. He lives. You may have lost your peace, happiness or job. Because of the unexpected loss, you may be worried. He will turn it to joy. He\ will give it back to you and bless you. Do not be worried about anything. Just inform Him everything. You will receive peace and joy. Let the hand of the Lord work within you. Let the love of Jesus abound in you.

                       May the Lord bless you!
                           Bro.C. Ebenezer Paul.