O Loving Lord, I thank You for this good time of prayer. I thank You for working miracles at times of dire neccesities, hearing my prayer. Today the afflictions of the body hurt my heart. I humble myself before You and offer my prayer that I should not become a burden to anyone. Help me and relieve my dizziness, the weakness in the leg, diabetic complaints and all other ailments in the body. It is written in Psalm 92:14, “They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing.” Have mercy on me. I suffer for the past few days from lack of good sleep. Even if I sleep, I am rattled by terrible dreams. Sometimes the figures of some dead persons unknown to me appear and weaken me. Some of my dead relatives appear and they seem to call me. These things give me the fear of death. O Lord, have mercy on me. Sometimes, my acts of weakness make my children sad and irritable. As a consequence, I am upset. Nowadays I also have memory loss. I have doubts about whether I have taken my morning pills. These things create in me worries and depression. Help my heart to work properly. Not being able to do anything, I keep lying on my bed. O Lord, have mercy. As I am aging, the eyesight is also affected. Now and then, I have phlegm and cough which affect my hearing abilities. The pain in the leg makes me immobile. You are the One who cares for me and protects me. Give me complete recovery and lead me. The fear of death should not haunt me any longer. Deliver me from all my weaknesses and give me peace. I praise and thank You for doing that. In the name of Jesus Christ I make this prayer, O good Father. Amen.