A PRAYER FOR THE DELIVERANCE OF THOSE WHO LIVE IN FEAR


O loving God, answer this prayer offered in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Now because of the raging pandemic, Covid-19, all the people in our country and in our region including me are sorely afraid of what might happen in the days to come and are panic-stricken. We are not able to do anything properly. Very often we keep watching news and reading newspapers, and share on phones the happenings around the world and also in our locality. As we could not travel anywhere, we could not visit our parents/ children/ sisters/ brothers. I call them up and enquire about them as I am worried. I couldn’t even do my office work properly. As I am not able to concentrate, I am negligent in my work which causes worry. O Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and me. We are eagerly expecting the days when this condition would end. As my children are not able to move out, it is very difficult to manage everything. I am not able to pray for long. I find it difficult to meditate on the word of the Lord. Even the sound of moving vehicles causes worry and concern. Any message received is alarming. I make lists to buy for the next days for cooking and manage with what we have. The money I have is also spent on needless things. Have mercy on us, O Lord. We are eagerly waiting for the end. We are not able to go to church to worship with others. I am worried. I find it difficult to sleep thinking about all these. Help me, O Jesus Christ, to get rid of this fear and to praise and glorify You. In the name of Jesus Christ I offer this prayer, O good Father. Amen.