A PRAYER FOR HEALING OF EYE DEFECTS

Loving Lord, I thank and praise You for this time of prayer. Today I humbly pray for the defects in my eye. O Lord who healed the blind, have mercy on me. My eyes have been affected because of my acts of abusing it. Without realizing the importance of eye-sight, I have spent a lot of time with my laptop and mobile phone. Because I whiled away my time in watching vain things, I have been pushed into a terrible situation. I am not able to read the Bible even. I am not able to identify those whom I meet on the road. I am unable to read phone numbers and therefore, I make calls to wrong numbers. I am not able to watch my steps on staircase and I stumble. O Jesus Christ, be merciful. The diabetic disorder keeps increasing. I know some who have lost their sight because of diabetes. O Jesus Christ, have mercy on me and restore my sight fully. Let not there be any pressure in the nerves of my eyes. O Lord, help me to have clear eye-sight by doing away with the cataract formation identified by doctors in my eyes. In my younger days I have made fun of those wearing spectacles in my classes, and now I repent for the pranks I played upon them. O Lord, touch my eye with Your power. Say a word and I will be healed. Have mercy on me, O Jesus. Help me and restore my sight so that I can do and manage my things myself. I am worried when I think about the defects in my eyes. I cannot even distinguish the colours rightly. This colour blindness is terrifying me. Be merciful to me. Right now help me to have good sight, O Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ, I make this prayer, O good Father. Amen.