A PRAYER FOR PEACE AND FELLOWSHIP IN THE FAMILY

O loving Lord, I thank You for this time of prayer. I know that You hear prayers and answer them. I thank You for having listened to my prayers. By Your grace we have completed the first month of this year. O Lord,  because of lack of peace in the family I am worried and my life has become bitter. I have no true joy. As life has become bitter, there arises the question why I should live. Jesus, You have said that You are leaving behind peace, have mercy on me. I humble myself, realizing my fault. But there is no fellowship in the family. Have mercy on me and my family. You are the Prince of Peace. This lack of peace deprives me of my sleep. I shed tears and I am anxious when my worries would end. Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. Grant true peace and joy in my family. Let there be the fellowship of love. Let us not accuse each other, but help us to support each other. Let us not make use of harsh abusive words.  Bless our family to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit. Guard my lips and tongue so that no vain word slips out. I am anxious to see peace, and fellowship in the family. Jesus Christ, have mercy on me and my family. Multiply the peace and happiness that prevailed once in our family. Thus bless us. In the name of Jesus Christ, I make this prayer, O good Father. Amen.